Kings & Queens is a five-part, kid-to-kid video series that encourages children to think globally and to make a difference in the lives of those less fortunate. Produced by the Hands and Feet Project for Children’s Ministries, VBS, and Families with a passion for missions, the KIDS MISSION PROJECT DVD and SAVINGS BANKS can easily be added to existing curriculums to inspire kids everywhere to become the Hands and Feet of Jesus.


The Banks coincide with the viewing of the DVD to encourage kids to give with a happy heart.  Upon completion of the series, money should be totaled and a check can mailed to The Hands and Feet Project to help provide more homes for children in need. (Hands and Feet Project , P.O. Box 682105, Franklin TN 37068) (Instructions included with DVD)

Order your KINGS & QUEENS KIDS MISSION PROJECT DVD and SAVINGS BANKS below. Thank you for partnering with us in bringing hope to the children of Haiti. 


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Note: Participants can now use an online giving option in addition to, or in lieu of ordering Savings banks. Click the box below to learn more. 



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Kings and Queens is still in production. Please know that our first shipments will be mailed in mid April.

Once you complete the Kids Mission Project you commit to sending all funds raised to The Hands and Feet Project to help provide homes for Haiti's orphaned and abandoned children.

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